Foreign university education is a dream for many students in India. The dream of obtaining a degree in a foreign country is translated after the education to residing in the same country. The opportunities for foreign nationals are extremely impressive in the destination countries. Such countries pose limelight to the socially deprived students and families. Settlement to the particular country is made possible with the country's own immigration by investment programs. The programs are hosted as investment events conducted across major cities of the country.

The representatives of host countries provide the necessary information regarding the policies of citizenship of the country. The country focuses on engaging business investors and industrials to empower the welfare of native people. Creation of employment is further enhanced by forming organisations and industries. Student-friendly policies are crafted to attract scores of students to the particular country. Permanent residence visas are provided to people interested in residing in the host country.

Universities of the host country ease the admission process to attract brilliant students. They compensate the tuition fee and residence fee of the student as a reward for the future contribution of the student. Students can avail the benefits just by agreeing to reside permanently in the host country and subsequently contributing in the nation building. Therefore, students are advised to utilise the golden opportunity to succeed in life.

Investment events are combined along with educational fair to provide additional space to enthusiastic students. Events and educational fair in Bengaluru are conducted to ease the pain of students searching for the perfect university in a perfect country. Here, the information about universities and their courses are advertised with accurate information. The information is verified by the hosting country officials and the fair coordinators. Additional verification can be obtained through the internet or by student contacts.

Global education fair is held annually to assist numerous students in selecting the best university. The convention aids in the process of applying to the university. Counselling is provided by particular experts of the country. The provision of scholarships and fee waivers are the promising features of these educational fairs. Experts also guide the students in obtaining applications for a visa of the country.

This year the global education fair Bengaluru is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru. This is an enormous opportunity for dreaming students to gain exposure to the world of opportunities. Students can interact with experts from various universities and countries to clear any misconceptions. This platform is for intelligent students to select an established university based on the rank and courses.

The educational fair offers a remedy for socially deprived students to find organisations providing educational loans. Educational loans are entirely merit-based which refines intelligent and deserving students. The process eliminates the competition of financially settled students to gain recognition. The benefits are rewarding for the deserving student in terms of paying tuition fee and accommodation expenses. These students tend to be successful in life and bring laurels to the country.