Economic citizenship or citizenship by investment
CBI or citizenship by investment is the process by which an individual can get citizenship of a country in return of an investment in that country from his part. It is a wonderful platform for an individual to enjoy all the opportunities offered by a country. Moreover, unlike residency, this privilege can be inherited by their children as well. Also known as economic citizenship, this scheme saves an individual from the tiring and tedious application process of a visa. It allows the individuals to visit few particular countries without a visa. EB5 USA citizenship is one of the programs offered by the United States of America that allows immigration by investment.
 About economic citizenship
Criteria: There are certain criteria that must be used to determine whether or not a program is legitimate.

  1. Quick: The entire process is very fast. If it takes a lot of time, understand that there is some foul play involved. Other schemes might offer the service in cheaper rates but it may not offer legitimate citizenship.
  2. Indifferent to one’s nationality: A country offers its CBI to every single individual in the world regardless of his or her nationality.
  3. Crystal clear process: A legitimate CBI program will be structured and systemized just like any other business operations. It will follow and always follow a clear and straight-forward path to providing the individual with citizenship.
  4. Legal: Every country that offers the program will have it written down in its constitution or any other legal form.

Different programs that are misunderstood as being CBI

  1. Hybrid programs: There are plenty of programs that ask an individual to invest in their country to gain citizenship. But not all are CBI programs. One among these is hybrid programs, the disadvantage being that it is subject to political whims. They are never available to all the applicants too.
  2. Payment in return of passports: If a program asks an individual to invest money, and to give the passport so as to get paid for it, understand that it is not CBI.
  3. Residency by investment: Although it might sound equal, it is entirely different from citizenship by investment. This is the program that people confuse with economic citizenship the most.
  4. Old programs: Some CBI programs get suspended after some years due to a multitude of reasons. People, unaware of this, lose a lot of time.
  5. Scams: Look out for scams. They can empty people's pocket in no time. Every CBI is mentioned in some legal paper or the other in every country that offers it. It is always better to check it up on offer to prevent falling prey to scams.

Citizenship by investment is offered by a vast majority of countries today and it is highly recommended to people who wish to have a second citizenship. Although it is time-consuming, yet it is worth waiting for. Through EB5 USA citizenship offered by the United States an individual is not just investing but is making an economic contribution to a country.