The Citizenship by Investment programs

Leaving your home nation and moving to a new place specifically a new country is quite a hectic task, especially when it comes to acquiring the permanent citizenship of that place. This process requires a lot of knowledge, patience and legal work to get the authentic citizenship of a particular country concerned. Knowing the laws of citizenship, the resource to be spent on it and obviously the time involved in it makes it altogether a very complex procedure. But many people might not have become the permanent citizens of their preferred country as such individuals are unaware of the process of citizenship by investment! The global investment immigration summit offers to provide information about the top investment immigration programs.

What is citizenship by investment?
Citizenship by investment is a scheme through which a person can become a natural citizen of a country by investing in that country. Also known as economic citizenship, it began in St. Kittis and Nevis, one of the Caribbean islands. Today quite a number of countries offer the scheme. 
The conditions that each country places differ- some may ask the individual to physically reside in the country for a particular period of time, some ask the individual to learn its language, some demands the individual to establish or invest in a business and others can be way more expensive. There is a very common misconception among all that only rich people, businessmen and commercial investors go for this scheme. The best citizenship by investment programs is offered by Guatemala, Hungary, St. Kettis and Nevis, Germany and Malta.

The best value citizenships in the world:

  1. St. Kittis and Nevis citizenship: this passport grants its holder access to zero income tax and no residency requirements. Being the first country to offer so, it provides the best of all the schemes.
  2. Greece citizenship: the scheme is cheap but grants access to one hundred and seventy-one countries without the visa. Moreover, the individual can live and work anywhere in Western Europe.
  3. Dominica citizenship: Offers the scheme similar to that of St. Kittis and Nevis but at a much cheaper rate.
  4. Guatemala citizenship: the citizenship by investment program offered by Guatemala is the cheapest and the easiest to obtain in the whole world!

Advantages of citizenship by investment:

People can improve their lifestyles when they shift permanently to other countries. Visa application is a time confusing process and this program saves us from the requirement of visa to travel.  Moreover, people get an opportunity to reside permanently in a country. Learning from different countries gives children a lot of exposure and experience and this is received through this scheme.
The advantages of citizenship by investment attract even the most hesitant person. Citizenship can be inherited by children but it is not possible in the case of a permanent residency. There are certain statuses and rights that citizens have over residents. So if a person is dreaming of enjoying his stay in a country, he must apply for citizenship and this scheme is the best way to acquire it.  The global investment immigration summit can be of great help for the same.